How can a coaching approach help us to learn math--and leadership--more effectively?

July 25, 2014


This NY Times article suggests that math might be more fun--and that those who are learning math might learn more easily--if we coached math, making the learning feel like play.  


That article, of course, stirred in my mind thoughts about the ActiveLeading approach to leadership training and development: an approach that uses physical activity and challenges to make the learning more fun and more effective.  Perhaps, our leadership training feels less like a training for more reasons than just the beautiful locations and the activity-and-discussion-based learning: play and fun seem to creep into what ActiveLeading participants experience.


Well, if learning is more effective with play and fun involved, I am all for that type of learning.  


What are your reactions and thoughts, after reading the article?  I look forward to reading what you share.



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