Our Company

ActiveLeading is consulting company that develops workshops on process improvement and leadership and is currently creating online content to help organizations and individuals focus and reach their potential.

Through our online content and/or intense workshops that create shared experiences with other participants, ActiveLeading builds self-awareness, offers tools and models, and fosters relationships that help individuals lead more satisfying lives.  First imagined in 2012 and founded in 2013, ActiveLeading is an innovative, exciting new option for those who seek to develop themselves and give their lives a meaningful direction.  Join us for our next workshop or access our online resources soon.

Jess Cisco, Founder


Through engaging activities and inspiring locations, we bring talented people together so they can reach their potential.


ActiveLeading influences individuals to mindfully choose their life’s path, offering hope for a better life for all.


ActiveLeading has several guiding values: personal mastery, continual improvement through learning and growth, health and fitness, and passion for life.