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All of our curriculum seeks to balance life's mental, emotional, and physical aspects.  Our in-person workshops use fitness to enhance the learning and improve the mind-body connection.  At ActiveLeading, we've found that physical activity and adventure sports complement--and truly enhance--the effectiveness of leadership workshops: by creating an environment that invites participants into a state of flow, a state in which we are more effective.


  • senses are heightened,

  • the mind is more active,

  • the body is responsive, and

  • leadership lessons are enhanced.


No matter which ActiveLeading content (online or in-person) appeals to you, your team, or your organization, our content includes a few key components:


  1. A self-assessment: it helps to know how you are doing as a baseline, so that you can see how our content helps you progress.

  2. An exploration of critical questions: e.g., who am I as a leader; how can I most effectively interact with others (friends, family, colleagues, and superiors); what are my goals; and what is my vision of success?

  3. The use of several leadership frameworks and models

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