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Why Trust is Worth It

This video, in which two Cirque Du Soleil dancers gracefully move together, has many interesting lessons in it, but this post focuses on the main lesson: why trust is worth it.

As leaders, we must have trust in our team, and our teams, in turn, must trust in us. Without trust, our organizations waste a great deal of time: with team members gossiping about why so-and-so did this or that, the managers micromanaging team members, the micromanaged team members disconnecting because they don't feel trusted, and the whole organization in trouble. Are those thoughts an exageration of what happens without trust, or are they possibly an optimistic view of what an organization might look like without trust? For, without trust, would we even have an organization: would we be jointly committed to the success of the organization?

How do you build--and maintain--the trust that you have in your team, and how do you now that your team trusts in you (or the leaders of your firm) to guide the team?

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