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Where have you been, ActiveLeading?

Puerto Rico offers ActiveLeading's founders inspiration

Since our last post, many months ago, ActiveLeading has been busy, although our radio silence hasn't let on to what we are doing. After our founding in December 2013, our push to find and promote our identity in 2014, and our first pilot program in 2015, our founders have started (and now almost completed) their advanced degrees.

I (Jess Cisco) started an Executive MBA program at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management and will graduate in May 2017. The education that I am receiving allows me to apply course concepts directly to ActiveLeading, helping me to think more about who ActiveLeading is for, what those potential clients' problems are, and how ActiveLeading can solve problems and alleviate pain from our potential clients.

Jennifer Gudaz has been finishing her dissertation for her doctorate (Ed.D.) in educational leadership and plans to defend her dissertation in August 2016. Jen's focus in on the community created by fitness centers and group fitness in university settings, showing the sense of belonging that we, as human beings get, when we spend time together in shared experiences.

And we have found other partners for our work with ActiveLeading: Aaron Massecar, the founder of, has a Ph.D. in philosophy and focuses on habit development. Aaron, beyond just being a really great guy, is incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and eager to learn and grow with others. ActiveLeading plans to have Aaron join us for several future workshops in early 2017.

For those of you who are interested in our concept, I thank you personally for believing in us and for looking forward to our upcoming adventures. We hope to spend quality time with you soon.

With warm regards, Jess

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