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I never thought I'd write a post about a sticker company...

This post is about a recent experience I had with Sticker Mule, an online company that makes stickers and other branding products for business or personal use. For those of you who know me, you realize that, using lean process improvement, I help some clients improve their processes. As a result of my experience with lean, I notice when a process flows smoothly, which is rarer than I'd like, and when processes do not flow smoothly. Typically, I am either satisfied or unimpressed by a business' processes. Sticker Mule, though, surpassed my expectations in ever way, impressing me with their focus on their communication and ease for customers.

Below, I offer the details of my experience from start to finish.

  • My friend Andrew told me about Sticker Mule. I decided to check it out.

  • I visited the site, uploaded my company logo, selected the type of stickers I wanted, and waited for a proof. I got an email right away: it told me that they had the order and that I should expect a proof soon. The email outlined what I should expect next: a proof within four hours and a chance to review and approve the proof before they process the order and ship it out.

  • Sticker Mule created a proof within two hours, faster than promised. I got an email and a text letting me know that my proof was ready for review.

  • The proof was perfect the first time, and so I approved it.

  • Sticker Mule sent me an update via email and text to let me know that my order was in queue for production and would likely arrive to me by the 18th, a few days later.

  • I got another update when my stickers shipped: they arrived on the 17th at 9:43 a.m., a day earlier than the original estimate.

  • And finally, when my stickers arrived and UPS marked my package delivered, Sticker Mule sent an email and text within 30 minutes of my package arriving to let me know it was at my location. That last part is perhaps the most impressive of the whole process: once a business ships a package, the business typically lets UPS, FedEx, or whatever company is delivering it handle the updates. But Sticker Mule kept me informed from beginning to end, and their clear communication (and efficient process) truly impressed me.

If the process was smooth but the product was terrible, I wouldn't be writing this post. The stickers looked great--I hope you agree. If you need stickers or other products that Sticker Mule produces like these custom laptop stickers​​, I recommend you give them a try. The stickers that sparked this post are for ActiveLeading's new business venture: If you (or others you know) need any bikes or watersports gear for your next adventure in Ithaca, check us out.


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